Monday, November 26, 2007

This Dog's Life

All the animals we own are black and white. We didn't plan it this way, they just sort of came to us one by one, until we realized they resembled a very well dressed family. Misty is our newest addition- a hound mix, who appears to be mainly German Short-haired Pointer. She is a rock star.

We got her from a shelter- where she was given up for adoption not just once but twice. She is the kind of dog people write books about she is that cool. She is originally from the south, she loves squeky toys, she has only barked or growled four times since we got her, she loooooves other animals, and she loves being off leash.

She is best friend's with Lucky our cat- also from a shelter. Misty loves hiking as you can see in the above photo. As soon as she gets into the woods she becomes much more happy and perky. When you adopt pets, you always sort of wonder what they did in their other life and how they were treated. We joke that she has southern drawl and was an escape artist.


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