Thursday, January 31, 2008

Book Dreaming

I love clicking around on Flickr, looking at how people organize their sewing rooms and photos of their stashes. It's funny how we all have most of the same books. I spy copies of Sublime Stitching, Amy Butler's book, Bend-the-Rules Sewing. I bet not too many people have copies of this book Better Homes and Gardens Sewing. Or maybe you do. I know that the Reader's Digest Sewing book is very popular too.


I just like to look at the pictures.


My mom has a very different decorating style than I. She tends to layer more things and it is quite a bit more country looking. She does build some great vignettes though. I thought I would share some of them.


She has the mother sized hedgehog. I have a matching baby that I picked up at a different yard sale. Fitting.




Her baby mitten collection started one day when she got out of her car to discover a tiny little red mitten left behind by someone.


I really, really, really need to do a big clean out this weekend and I think I will.


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