Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Feeling Crafty

I will be needing to make one my own travel journal as seen here. I don’t tend to get into the whole scrapbooking thing very much, but remembering your travels definitely calls for something special. I like the list element of the journals. I spotted a list of things I like, what we did today, what I am wearing. Listing things would be a fun and easy way to keep track of everything.

I need to make one of these journals because very soon Adam and I will be going on our second (in almost ten years) vacation together. Whoho! we have tickets to the opening game of the Oakland Athletics out in California. We are in heaven for this vacation. One of my brothers lives in San Fransisco so we may stay there a few nights and visit. I will also be checking out all the fabulous shops that I read about on this SF girls blog.

Heather Ross’s new fabric line that hasn’t been released yet is killing me. I will be in sewing heaven once I get my hands on this aquatic themed fabric. Did I mention I love swimming?

I’ve been running home from work everyday desperate for the aqua and peach colored yards of gauze I ordered from Denver Fabrics to make these quilts.

Last weekend we were on the hunt for sea glass. I've been looking to add pieces to my sea glass collection because I have been thinking about sewing seaglass into aqua gauze.





Oh yes, and if you are still reading with me at the bottom of this super big post I discovered something I didn’t realize about iron on fusible webbing and appliqués. This is probably nothing new for a lot of you crafters and maybe if I read directions more carefully I would have picked up on this months ago. So when I am about to do some crazy appliqué that requires fusible webbing I have been doing the following: cutting out the shape in the fabric, then using the fabric as a template to cut out the shape I need for the webbing, then ironing etc. I struggle insanely with trying to cut out the webbing as closely as possible to the fabric shape and it results in loose fabric and stickness on my iron. Soooooo…even though this is somewhat a waste of fabric and webbing, I started to: take the fabric I want to make a shape from and before I do any cutting- I iron it onto webbing ( I’ve been using the two sided Lite-bond kind), then I cut out the shape. This method keeps the shape perfectly covered in webbing. So cool. I hope my explanation makes sense.


StichingSurgeon said...

your animals are so cute...my kitty likes to do the same "lay on the back" trick all the time!

Karyn said...

The way I do it is I draw my shape in reverse onto the fusible webbing's protective sheet, and then cut around the shape, leaving a little bit of extra space between the pencil line and where I'm cutting. Then, I peel off the side that I didn't draw on, stick the fusible web to the fabric, and NOW I cut perfectly around my pencil line. I've found that even though the webbing doesn't permanently stick to the fabric until I iron it, it sticks well enough to be able to cut it out accurately.

Does that make any sense? It's so much easier to explain with pictures. :-)

bettyninja said...

So that is how you do the applique. Good to know. I have to say, yours are always so well made. I basically did something along those lines, but i am a little unsteady with my scissors. Really the first applique I ever completed was my original owl pillow. I am so hooked now!

Karin said...

Great photos of your extra cute pets!

I can't wait for Heather Ross's new fabric, too! I love the aqua and orange combination.

Emi_Shimosato said...

Thank you so much for linking to my blanket! I didn't know you got that strong passion to make it. I am honored of it! :-D
Actually, I have not used fusible webbing for applique, since I cannot find it at my local shop. I believe they should carry it, but to use fusible webbing is not common in Japan, and I still don't even know what it looks like. ha-ha-ha.
Anyway, I am looking forward to seeing your gauze blanket :)