Friday, January 4, 2008

New Year's Resolutions Updates

So far I have gone four long painful days without visiting Jo-anne's. This has been particularly challenging as I am in need of certain threads and they are currently 50% off. Also, they're sewing machine needles are 50% off as well--which just adds to my withdrawals.

My boyfriend asked how often I go and I told him twice a week, sometimes three times if there is a good sale going on. He then told me that I shouldn't stop doing things that make me happy. I thought about this for a while, but decided I should push myself to just quit for a month.

I told a co-worker of mine about these resolutions and she promptly handed me a Jo-anne's giftcard that she has had for years and never used. Yikes! It still has $31 on it. I'm going at lunch. See ya baby.

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