Thursday, February 14, 2008

I was lucky be home the other morning and watched Alex Anderson’s Simply Quilts on HGTV. I adore this show, sometimes the guests are a little too traditional for my taste but I always end up finding a good tip or idea from them anyway. Yesterday they had something called Artist Trading Cards. Check it out here and here. I loved this idea and think I will try to make a few of my own.

This morning, even though I have caught another flippin’ cold, I was able to add some quilting to my gauze quilt. My flickr friend, EmiShimosato has been helping me with tips since the whole gauze blanket was her original idea. Unfortunately, I did not have the recommended darning foot for my machine, but after playing a lot with tension and stitch size I was able to carefully get it through the machine. I just have to square it up and finish the edges.

Believe it or not, I don’t have a whole lot of pincushions. I have your basic tomato from the sewing store variety, but I haven’t made many. This is actually one of the only ones that I have sewn.


Also, I am going to try a give-away later this month. I have seen them on other people’s blogs and it makes me feel like “a real live blog” if I did my own. Kind of like a rite of passage. So Leap Day will be my very first give away—I haven’t decided what I will be doing yet, but I do know it will be a combination of things you have already seen featured on the blog and something new. I can’t wait!


Jen said...

Your new pincushion is very cute. I've made one but it was too light so whenever I try to pull a pin from it, the whole thing gets picked up!

I need to add sand or something to the bottom.

I also just learned a tip...line the fabric with batting and you don't see any lumps from the stuffing.

Karyn said...

A give-away...a give-away...hmmm...if only you had something stunningly gorgeous that everyone except you loved that you could give away.

Perhaps if it had -- oh, I dunno -- lanterns on it? :-)

I have yet to make a pin cushion. Jen had a great tip about the batting.

g said...

oh how exciting a giveaway! I can't wait to hear more...

Karin said...

I can't wait to see the gauze quilt.

The pincushion is cute. I was in a pincushion making phase during the middle of the summer. The weird thing is that I end up using my magnetic one more than anything!

Have a good weekend!

bettyninja said...

Thanks everyone!