Friday, February 8, 2008

Weekend is on the way

Yeah! It is Friday! I really love the weekend. I have a lot of plans for this weekend, but I think that quite a few projects that I have been working on will be wrapped up. My Chinese lantern quilt is ready to have it's binding put on so that will be a huge project completed. A skirt that i have been working on from my Sew U book is cut and part of the way sewn. I have to sew the zipper--I have still yet to sew a zipper into something. It is sort of like riding my bike up hill--I will go four miles out of the way to avoid a huge hill, just as quickly as I will create a spin-off of any projects that requires a zipper. But I am into trying new things lately, after all I have deemed 2008 my year to try everything.

Here is a list of mine for the weekend.

  • Make these blocks into a runner. I was inspired by Orange Flower's runner and thought I would try one out too. You'll see mine is a different block pattern and I think I will have to machine stitch mine.


  • Keep using my new camera. I love it so much!


  • Oh my gosh I need to clean
  • Go to my softball team (I play women's fast pitch) kick-off party. A dear friend on the team recently learned she has cancer and we will be sending her off for more treatments.
  • Finish binding on Chinese lantern quilt.
  • I finally got my gauze! I will start that quilt this weekend.
  • Not go to Jo-anne's fabrics
  • Study, study, study. Who knew take home exams were so hard?
  • Practice sit, down, and stay with Misty. She will finish her basic obediance class this Tuesday.
  • Maybe get a little hike in.

Blue Job


Have a good weekend!


Karyn said...

"Not go to Jo-anne's fabrics"

Ha ha! Yeah, GOOD LUCK with that! :-)

Karyn said...

And forgot to say that I can't wait to see the finished lantern quilt. Post pix soon!!

Emi_Shimosato said...

You will be very busy this weekend!
That's too much plan for one weekend, isn't it?

"Not go to Jo-anne's fabrics"
That is what I have been trying all the time :( It has sat just 2 shops away from the grocery store where I usually go :( How I can fight with me.

g said...

wow - good luck with your list! {I'm really looking forward to seeing all your projects}

Bec said...

What great photos (I love that last one of Misty). Looking forward to seeing all your finished projects - especially the skirt. And it's nice to know I'm not the only one who likes to try and cram a ridiculous amount of things into a weekend!!! Hope you have a good one!

kathi d said...

You will do FINE with the zipper. Once you have done one, you'll wonder why you avoided it for so long!

kathi d said...

P.S. Putting in a zipper is a WHOLE lot easier than not going to Jo-Anne's.