Tuesday, March 25, 2008


One of my first collections was lusterware- mainly the colors from the 50's.


These purple cups with orange on the inside are little snack plates. They are marked from Czechoslovakia. Most of the colors I collect are either from Czechoslovakia or Japan. I love the sheen of lusterware and how delicate they are.



These three cups and saucers have a very interesting and unusual pattern.




The only teapot I have. In great condition really.


Amazingly, it has it's sugar pot too.


And these are a few mismatched tea cups and a creamer. They are wonderful to hold bobbins of thread.


They have a pearlized inside.



Kate said...

that stuff is really beautiful. do you mostly find it online or at flea markets?

bettyninja said...

I find it at flea markets- mainly church rummages and yard sales really.

Meg said...

What beautiful pieces. I had a question about flicr, how do you add more than one photo to a post?

Karyn said...

So pretty! Do you use these or just display them?

bettyninja said...

I don't really use them, but think I should! They have kind of taken a back corner lately as I don't have many good display areas. I think I will put my collection up on my soon to open etsy shop

Rebekah said...

these are so pretty! I've never seen anything like them before. That teapot is especially darling!

Anonymous said...

They are lovely. I never knew that those dishes were called that. My mom has a few pieces tucked away.

virginia said...

Wow! I love the lusterware.