Thursday, March 27, 2008


It is impossible to take good photos before I go to work. My contacts are floating around like crazy and there is nill for light. Unless I rush home after work, I still don't have much light to work with (and I hate flashes). Anyway, as you can tell I am super eager for summer to be here. I would love to see the sun on a regular basis and think it would be great if some of the brown snow would melt so that I could see what is green and grows beneath it.

Anyway, all that complaining is because I really wanted to show you a nice photo of this mini quilt made from scraps. But this is all I got.


I am going to start hand sewing my bindings because they really come out bad doing it on the machine. My mom was recently giving me some blind stitch tips and I think that is going to help.

On my mission to use scraps, I've decided to give myself a tacky novelty fabric challenge. Yup, I as I am sure many of you, have somehow purchased (eek) tacky novelty fabric. I was very close to throwing it out the other day when I though better of it. Instead, I am going to challenge myself to come up with something interesting with it. So here is the little devil fabric.


I scored these little cupcake toppers from this etsy shop. Her cupcake toppers are all so amazing. Even though I have a huge (really hug) bag of vintage toppers that I found at the dump I couldn't resist these.





Rebekah said...

cute quilt! Looks very springy.

I recently switched over to handsewing the back of the binding and I like the results so much more than my old double fold bias tape method.

Love the deer!

Meg said...

I have such a hard time taking pictures, I think yours always turn out great, I can't wait for it to actually stay sunny so I can get some better pictures.

amanda bel said...

Wow, all those deer look a little intimidating grouped together like that! Thanks so much for mentioning my shop! PS: All that quilting you have going on sure is inspiring! I was hoping to have time to make a little one for a baby shower, but it's this Saturday so I don't know if I'm gonna make it!

Karyn said...

Taking pictures in the right light is always difficult this time of year. If I don't take them the second I get home, the sun drops too low to get decent lighting. In the summer, I can come home, finish a project AND take a good photo all in one evening! (It's also 100 degrees and humid here in the summer, so you take the good with the bad.) :-)

As always, love the quilt.

I agree with Amanda -- those deer are a bit intimidating!

Jacquie said...

I absolutely LOVE that fabric. You are a FANTASTIC shopper and you have a great eye. What ever you make from this can't help but be amazing! I picked up a few things at my fav thrift store yesterday, I'll post a few pics and see what you think.

Rachael Rabbit said...

Ideas for fabric: super cute summer tote/bag, apron, skirt ...

kathi d said...

This is how much I like those fawns. I immediately zoomed to that shop and bought some for myself!!!! (and a few other things, too . . . )

susan said...

i think your fabric would look gorgeous as a bag!!