Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Sometimes, I cannot sew a straight line. The thing is I normally can't sew a straight line for like one night max. Ever since this past Friday I have been a sewing and cutting disaster.

I've come up with these really fun ideas of things to make lately, but my sewing skills are making them suck. The other thing I have done several times is sew these huge strips together with the seams facing out- yikes. So then I rip the whole lengthy seam out- to- get this- sew it back together wrong again. I'm hoping this hex will rub off soon.

I started this corset deconstructed t-shirt from the Alabama Stitch Book that I love.


I sewed this together wrong maybe 4 times so far. So that would be at least twice on each seam. The pattern is very easy, it's just me making it tricky.

If this comes out nice, I may have to corset all my t-shirts. This is how the shirt looked originally.


And since red is sort of a theme for me today, behold this modern red dish. It looks a lot like Dansk, which I collect.




Badbird said...

I Hate, Hate, Hate sewing. I never do anything that requires following a pattern. And a sewing maching just makes me mad!
Sorry for being so hostal. It's just that when I use a machine I feel so out of control.

Karyn said...

I have those days too. And they SUCK. You're feeling all creative and motivated, and then - BAM! - can't sew or cut a straight line to save your life. I usually take that as a big hint to step away and do something not involving scissors.

Maybe you shouldn't have had those three glasses of wine before sewing....


Rebekah said...

that bowl is so pretty!

I remember attempting to sew a christmas stocking that I ripped out and redid probably 10 frustrating. I hate it when I make the same mistake that I was just trying to not make again. But, we all have those days, right?!

Jacquie said...

I spent some quality time with the seam ripper yesterday...sewed the pinwheel blocks backwards...didn't catch it until 4 were done! Sucks to have a day like that! Hope your next session goes more smoothly!

StichingSurgeon said...

yeah BU!!! my hubby went there for law school...I looooovvveee Boston! cute top!

molly said...

Hey! I went to BU...

And, I also have (many) times when my sewing ability fail to live up to my imagination.

I console myself with the thought that the process of imagining things I could make is ALMOST as much fun as actually making them...