Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Things to come

I have done a bit of sorting and stitching all weekend in preparation for the big Etsy opening. I hope I am able to sell some things. And believe it or not, I really want to sell some of the vintage goodies I have around. I have put together a little preview of some of the vintage items that will be in the store and I will post some of the stitched soon.

This will be my banner.

There will be orange sherbet chenille.


Some kitchen goodies.


And, just to mix it up, some cowboys.



Karyn said...

Love the banner. Very cool.

Good luck to you! I'm glad you decided to do this -- I think you'll really enjoy it.

Jen said...

Yes, really nice new banner.

Good luck with your new store!

Bec said...

That banner is fantastic. Looking forward to checking out your shop. How exciting!!!

Karin said...

Beautiful Banner!
Good luck with the Etsy opening!

Jacquie said...

Nice banner and oooh love that chenille!