Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Because when doesn't this make you happy?

Misty had a big adventure yesterday.

She had to be left at the vet so they could get a pee sample for an ongoing urinary problem. This was fine right? Right- except Misty is the greatest escape artist of all time.


They let her into the enclosed double fenced in- with a top fence area to play with the other dogs. Misty gets along very well with other dogs and is so cute- why not right?


Right. Except when we got the call that Misty is fine, but they found her in their parking lot covered, absolutely covered in mud. Apparently, she knows how to open locks. Not just one kind of lock, but two.


So she went for a romp through the woods and the mud. Then she came back. The vet had to give her a big bath because she was a complete mess.


They put a red tag on her file so know they know each time we drop her off - how smart she is about getting out.


Karyn said...

She is very sneaky and clever. At least you got a free bath for your dog out of the ordeal. :-)

Jacquie said...

uh oh, red tagged. I bet she had a darn good time though!

Allison Fouse said...

Good dog.

Karin said...

Escape artist - you're not kidding! It's a good thing she came back. She probably had a great time in the mud!

Bec said...

I know the reality of this is a bit scary as it could have turned out bad...but as it didn't, I am feeing free to cack myself laughing. Your story has had me guffawing into my tea this morning. What a clever, cheeky, and absolutely adorable dog!

g said...

Misty, Misty, Misty...you naughty girl for getting out but good girl for coming back!

host said...

funny dog! i love dogs...