Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Several things are filling me with happiness today.

My polaroid camera.

This picture.


It was taken the summer right out of high school when I was doing the whole clothing stylist thing in LA. I love it because looking at it now I realize I was so hopeful then.

Also, the little Alabama Stitch Flickr group. These projects are so inspiring. I need to try more projects. I love this skirt, this cute wrap version (and it is hand dyed linen- amazing), and this top (isn't the color combo dreamy?)


kathi d said...

Oh, so cute and young! (but you are still cute and young)

Kate said...

i love days where it's easy to be happy about life!

I want to start quilting - but i'm scared out of my mind... have you ever thought about doing a tutorial on how to make a simple quilt?

Bec said...

What a great photo - it really does convey so much happiness!!!

Jodi Renshaw said...

We need to see more pics of you! What a joyful face :)Love, Jodi