Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I hope you had a wonderful weekend! We enjoyed camping, but decided that for the rest of the summer we should lay more low. We normally camp in Mid Coast Maine several times over the summer, but with the prices of everything being so much lately and me going back to school- best be saving our pennies.

In the mean time, some additions to my Betty Ninja Finds store:




And the new "old" sewing machine is working for me! Right now I am finishing up my blog for the virtual quilting bee Common Threads. After that is done, I plan to finish the Denim and orange sherbert quilt I was working on. So much more to come!


Rebekah C said...

that bobbin case is so sharp!

too bad that your root beer didn't turn out so good...that yeasty flavor is annoying but I bet more sugar would help cover up the flavor

Jacquie said...

I've been a bit nervous about cutting into Rebekah's fabric. I told myself tomorrow is the day. Can't wait to see yours!