Monday, May 5, 2008

Hi Again

Wow- I have accidentally been away for a little bit. We ended up having a sort of crazy week last week that rippled through everything. Turns out that Misty's little escapades must have given her enough time to eat something that made her violently ill. When you live up three flights of stairs it is not fun taking out a projectile vomiting and the other thing dog. Everyone was up all night and then I needed to take the next day off of work and slowly give her rice and water. She also had to get a shot at the vet's to stop the vomiting because she was getting pretty ragged.

In the mean time, my giveaway goodie is inches from being done literally. My needle broke on the machine again this morning, so it kept me from finishing off the last little portion. Speaking of that, my machine might be biting the bed. It is an older machine- I've cleaned it, oiled it, everything and it keeps breaking needles and skipping stitches. Getting it tuned up is much to much money for the little junker. So I really need to go grab another sewing machine at the Goodwill sometime.

On the plus, side I found this great handmade blanket during the week for $7. I love the red, white and black colors. Simple and pretty still.

Also, it my efforts to downsize my apartment living lately I also have put up my vintage cupcake toppers collection in my etsy store.


There is something for practically every holiday- and even baby shower toppers (storks!) and baseball mitt toppers.



Also, I have a ton of fun projects I have been working on that I will get to share with you soon!


Rebekah said...

poor little doggie! I hope she feels's no fun dealing with sick animal while living on the third floor!

That blanket is so cute. I can never find any good stuff when I go thrifting!

The Stitching Surgeon said...

hope misty feels better soon!

kelly said...

Fingers crossed for Misty -- poor baby!

Looking forward to seeing what you've been working on... you make the best stuff!

Karin said...

so sorry to hear your dog has been ill. I hope everything is better, now.

I'm always amazed by the variety of your great vintage finds! You have a knack for finding the good stuff.

Bec said...

Poor Misty - and poor you!!!! I hope she is all on the mend now. That blanket is very cute - and your new vintage clothing shop looks great too!

g said...

I hope Misty is feeling better - I know what its like so I can definitely understand!

Rachael Rabbit said...

I spy some bunnies! Poor Misty :-( It is never fun being ill ...

susan said...

oh i hope those hockey players are still in your etsy shop, cuz hubby has a birthday coming up!!
sorry about your pooch =(