Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Nearly Broken

I've been feeling like everything has been broken lately. For instance my work computer, my bike, my car. I also have felt a slight creative withdrawal lately. I've been wanting to create, but just have had no energy or creative desire to. Luckily, that has snapped out of my system. Monday I felt like my old self and things have been rolling away.

So....Can you believe how cute this dress is? I can't stand it. It is a vintage find.

I was so inspired by the Gee Bend's quilts lately that I have been working on this quilt.


The fabric is from jeans and the sheet that I did some fabric painting on. Man that sheet was huge, it has lasted through several different projects.




I would like the back to be another quilt. I am thinking something very simple and modern. Something along the lines of Denyse Schmidt's stripe quilts.

After this quilt is finished I hope to start another Denyse Schmidt inspired quilt soon with some of these from my stash and whatever else I find in my rummaging.



Cami said...

Glad to hear you got your creative juice flowing again, I hate when I feel that way. Love the dress!

Jacquie said...

You are definitely up and running full speed again! Love the dress and the quilt. btw you did a wonderful job setting up the Common Threads blog. It's so great! Thanks for doing that for all of us.

Jacquie said...

One more thing...I have a subliminal message for you...repeat after me...draw her name...draw her name...draw her name. Did I tell you I love your giveaway quilt?

The Stitching Surgeon said...

love the dress!

g said...

that dress is great! and the amazing {as usual}, I wish I had a pinch of your crafting energy!

Sherrin said...

That dress IS gorgeous!

Victoria said...

That dress is dreamy!
Good job with the quilt! The Gee Bend's quilts are so inspiring!

karen beth said...

What an amazing dress! I love it so much! I also love your shop and your blog. I'll be visiting often. :)

susan said...

its good that you are back to creating. and wow that is one awesome find!

Rachael Rabbit said...

fantastic recycling for the quilt - the dress is beautiful ;-) Love daises.