Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Vintage Quilt

So I didn't have anything for my mom on Mother's Day. I had my fingers crossed that the rummages we were planning to hit on Saturday would drop something into my lap. But I didn't come across anything.

Then when all hope was gone and I was thinking that I may just have to give her a cheesy card, I found this.


She wanted $60 for it, but I talked her down to $40. Yup, I almost always ask for a better price unless it already is a crazy steal.



I am fairly good judging quilts (or so I think) on their age if they were made post 1940's. I have a real hard time identifying the time periods that came before that. Any guessers for time period on this quilt? I think my mom likes it either way, but it wouldn't hurt to have a better idea.


Jacquie said...

Boy, I don't know, but what a great find!

leslie said...

that is gorgeous! nice score : )

Bec said...

Ok, I have no idea about the age of this quilt - but boy is it gorgeous. What a great mother's day gift!!

Sarah and Jack said...

I am havng a ridiculous amount of internet troubles, and have been trying for days to tell you that I *think* the quilt might be quite old. 1900ish?

I never tell me to do this, but you should ask the ladies on the needle arts and vintage textiles board on Ebay.

They will know. (And if it is that old, it would be valuable I would imagine.)