Monday, May 19, 2008


With my sewing machine on the funk lately I haven't been sewing much. I still feel very creative though- just having to do different types of things.


I have been taking lots of photos lately. That makes me sooooo happy since I had given it up for five or so years.


I've also been enjoying the word unfurling. Very satisfying. This weekend I rummaged and cleaned and biked. I was very happy to make more room for my rummage finds by cleaning out a closet.


I still need to make a "contraption" for shooting through my viewfinder (none of these photos were through it). I am addicted to TTVF photography lately.


I really need to pick up a sewing machine at a yard sale somewhere so I can get to sewing! I also saw a really great round modern looking sectional couch at the Salvation Army last week. I am hoping it will still be there (and be half off!). I was thinking it would look great recovered in gray or light blue. If I leave work early Friday, I may be able to pick it up before we leave to go camping. We'll see....



Rebekah C said...

I hope that couch is still there for you on Friday! loving all of your new photos on here lately!

Liss said...

I love the angles of these photos and the detail in the ferns unfolding.

Rachael Rabbit said...

I simply adore ferns! I'm not sure why .... Your photos remind me of those nature programs where you get to watch the plants unfurl :-)