Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Inside my cherished vintage dishes I keep things that I've gathered. I have always been one of those kids with their pockets full of funny shaped rocks and sticks. While I still pick up rocks that catch my eyes, I tend to have buttons and bits of other things these days.


Here is a little link love, because while I may have be slow crafting this summer- it is really just because I am saving all my creativity up for an end of summer fall blast.
  • The silky flowers in my dishes were made using a tutorial from the Foundling
  • My pre-ordered book on making prints on fabric is on its way to me! Written by Lena Corwin.
  • I love this teeny set of camping stamps backed on wood circles.
  • I've been on the hunt for buffet like sideboards for the apartment.


kelly said...

Love this photo. Timely, too -- I've been thinking recently that I need more little dishes for "stuff" around our house (I'm the same way with my pockets...)

Rebekah C said...

this is such a good idea to have little dishes around to hold small things. I, too, have been saving up my creative energy. School is done next Saturday and I already have a huge list of things to make. I can't wait!

Jilly said...

I am also an odds and ends collector. Drives my husband nuts -- he find rocks and odd bits of things everywhere and never knows wether he can throw them out or wether they are precious.

design for mankind. said...

Love that Lena! :) Beautiful photo, dear! :)

Rachel said...

Ack! Those stamps are soooo cuuuute!

Liss said...

This is a wonderful idea to display your bits and pieces. My daughter would love this. I think I am going to go to the second hand stores to find some pretty dishes for her to put her trinkets on display.
Your silk flowers are lovely.

V. said...

I've hardly done any sewing for months now...! I'm thinking my creative surge must be limited to the coldness of Canadian winters...???

I hope to be back soon.