Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Busy Bee for the Quilting Bee

Yup, I did these super fast. I received the fabrics on Saturday and later that night just went right to it. I am really going to have stay on top of things since this is the second quilt bee I joined up on. The first one I joined was Common Threads and now Busy Little Quilting Bee (I think I have changed the name slightly every time I mention it, but I just checked and it is definitely as above)

So two blocks finished for the hive.

Oh, yes. Does the inside blue block look familiar? I used scraps from the last quilt I just made. Nothing makes a quilter feel better than using up scraps.


This fabric was so beautiful to work with. The gifted soap bar that came along made the fabric even more wonderful to work with as I ironed it.



Meg said...

I love how your blocks turned out, I am super nervous about mine, but am going to attempt them tonight. (Armed with every quilting book I own!)

Dana said...

So stinkin' fabulous! I can't wait to have it in my hands!