Monday, September 29, 2008

Hope everyone had a nice weekend! It's amazing how a few days of rain really puts me in a funk. I feel pretty snapped out of it though and realizing I need to keep myself more grounded. I managed to work on some more blocks for a red quilt that I haven't even shown a peak of yet. It is going to be another monster of a quilt since I am planning to make a full sized quilt out of it. I've also been studying up on how to improve my quilting technique, so I can't wait to get started.


I realize too that I haven't been linking much lately. Here are some fabulous quilt inspirations that I've recently clipped. This beautiful autumn inspired quilt. This wonderful pattern. I love the color choices. I love the color choices here too and the wonderful job quilting. I've also needed to start gathering quilt patterns for baby boys for Christmas presents. I love this one for the contrasty binding and the fun backing. Also, this one you must click on! Look at the color choices- killer.


jenny said...

thanks for the kind words! I look forward to seeing your next quilt project!

gwensmom said...

Ooooh that Autumnal quilt is wonderful! Thanks for the link.