Saturday, September 13, 2008

Really really this time

So really, really this time I mean it when I say I am going to open an etsy shop soon for my little ttvf photos. I've been thinking of names and themes and how I want to do things.

Also, this weekend I dropped off three photos for a Natural New England themed art show. They hold the event in a barn and there are always so many talented artists showing their work. I am super happy that I was enough on my game to bring them over.


I've also joined another virtual quilt bee Busy Little Quilting Bee, which I may have mentioned before. I just got two packages today with fabric and I started right in. I have so much going on that I know the best way to stay on top of these things will be to get them done asap.

The bonus of the bonus was the Old Red Barn Co. sent a little soap bar along with her fabric. So not only did I get a fabulous freebie, but the fabric smelled sweetly the entire time I stitched and ironed it. Photos to come.


Dana said...

Can't wait to see what you have done.

Rebekah said...

this is such a gorgeous photo! Congrats on getting into the barn show!

Liss said...

Congrats on the art show. I alsways enjoy looking at your ttv work and I am happy that it is being displayed for others to enjoy it too.

Keep me posted on your etsy shop details!!

gardenymph said...

Oh I'm so happy to hear this!!!! I will be one of your first customers. :~)
Congratulations on the show. :~)