Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Back Up

I forgot to show off the back of this quilt:

Lucky Bike Race Quilt

Pieced from left over scraps and I am lovin it.

Back This Thing Up

I've always had such a difficult time actually quilting my quilts, until this one. For some crazy reason (maybe because it was a small size- roughly 50x60) it got a whole lot easier with this one. I just went for straight line quilting which is also pretty easy too. Anyway, I quilted another quilt last night that I have been calling the Green Wonder quilt in the same way. Just straight lines. That one is full sized and it went really well! I'll show soon.

Back This Thing Up

Back This Thing Up


Karyn said...

Hey blogging stranger!! :-)

The quilt looks great. I love the first shot with the bike.

Jilly said...

The back is cute and the front is wonderful! Isn't Heather Ross' fabric just the softest ever?

I find that size of quilt to be nice to machine quilt, as long as you don't go to complicated. Its kind of fun swirling all the fabric around you. I would imagine a queen size would get a bit unwieldy.

jacquie said...

you've been making some fun things, my friend. love this new quilt! hope you had a fab christmas!