Sunday, December 21, 2008


I am so glad to have some time to do normal people things again. Wandering through the woods, taking photos of things that catch my eye, whittling away at my quilting to-do-list. Back to real life again. (I've been going to school to be a Speech Language Pathologist at a very intense program.)


Last week NH got hit with a huge ice storm that knocked out power to most of the state. We were extremelly lucky to get it back within a few days but many of my friends are still without. To top it off, we just got hit with 8 inches of snow Friday and are expecting another 12-14 (yikes!) today. So places like the grocery store and the gas station are super busy and have very bare shelves.

Anyway- also on my to-do list is to organize my flickr account (I have like 10 different sets for my quilts- why aren't they all in one set?! arg) and figure out twitter (just signed up for an account).

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