Thursday, February 5, 2009


On the back page of notes, written on the MBTA. Things I love...

  • dogs running
  • a line at a church rummage sale
  • the whirl of a shutter
  • cold swims followed by huge sweatshirts
  • rope swings
  • kids laughing and shouting down the street
  • moss on the north side of trees
  • driving around Northern California with my brother
  • the dapple of light on the forest floor
  • bright colors- red and aqua, pink and green
  • the sound of wind in my ears while riding my bike
  • a long rocky downhill
  • running towards the surf for an hour
  • lakeside docks
  • jumping for no reason
  • library books
  • smocking
  • And the thought that spring will be soon...


Liss said...

this is a beautiful list they are the perfect this to love and enjoy

Victoria said...

What a beautiful list. I love its simplicity, and I whole heatedly agree about libraries and moss on the north side of trees!