Friday, May 1, 2009

Spring Hike

Last night we went for a quick hike with Misty, our German Short Haired Pointer mix. She is pretty good off leash generally. Lots of mountain bikers frequent these trails and she sometimes thinks that she has the right of way on narrow bridges.

I love biking

Spring Hike

Needless to say, she had to jump off at the last minute. She tried to hop right back up, but missed and ended up falling butt first into the swamp mud.

She went for a swim swamp water

Still way better than staying home and watching television though.


Shorty said...

I love hiking! I wish I lived by the woods so I wouldn't have to drive to go for a hike. Glad you guys got out and enjoyed the elements.

Heidi Harlequin said...

Ooooh. This makes me want to go hiking! (And I'm not a huge fan of hiking!)