Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Green Block Progress

I've still been really good about not buying new fabric. I've used up almost my entire stash earlier this year and have been accumulating vintage fabrics and sheets at yard sales.

This quilt is mainly from a dark green cotton sheet and bits and pieces of Amy Butler and Heather Ross Fabric. I'm going for a more graphic type of a quilt---- see what you think!

Green Block Stack

Green Block Quilt

Green Block Quilt


Shorty said...

Green is my absolute favorite color! I love the blocks... can't wait to see your finished project. And I love it that you're using up the materials you already have. I'm in the process of doing the same thing. Isn't it funny how much 'stuff' we can accumulate?

shellysquilts said...

This looks good to me. I will be curious to see the finished product. Your stuff is cute! Happy sewing!

SummersDesigns said...

I think these blocks are looking great. I can't wait to see the finished quilt. I have trying to use more of my stash too, and trying to find older sheets in good condition to use. I also like that pink and white quilt too (cross quilt ?) I have been thinking of doing one like that.

bettyninja said...

Shorty- oh yes, the stuff factor kills me! Last year or even before that, I tried to stop buying new fabric all together. I did really well and completely wiped out my stash, then I started to build it back again mainly with thrifted fabrics and a little new.

Thanks Shellysquilts! Hopefully it will be finished late next week :)

SummersDesigns- thanks! The pink cross quilt is one of my all time favorites and it is super easy to make and quilt. Check out my tutorial for an easy method on the cross blocks :)

Crystal said...

Oh my gosh! This is going to be amazing!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much bettyninja. After seeing your stunning cross quilt I had been thinking about how it would be done. I'm going straight to your tutorial. I love your newer green top also. They are wonderful!Kathy

Anonymous said...

I AM LOVING THIS QUILT IDEA..I'm into thrifting fabrics too..