Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Operation Stash

Since I have been away from quilting the past few years I haven't really been purchasing new fabrics. I picked up irresistible pieces here and there, but for the most part- nothing new.

Since then I have been operating on a tiny stash and a resolution to keep it simple and small. I have to get more creative when I have less. I try color options that I might not try when I have fewer choices. Also, I love love love designer fabrics, but sometimes quilts with too much designer fabric just start to look the same...

So here is my messy stash. Pretty small huh?

Messy messy stash

The bottom shelf has all scraps and unfinished projects. The top shelf is actual "stash."

Messy Stash


Sewing Love said...

I thought that i was the only one with unfinished projects !! ;)

bettyninja said...

I tell you what- nothing gets unfinished projects done like a new slate. Since I really didn't quilt for- I don't know- two years?- I basically came back and loved all my WIPs and that seemed to help me get everything done :)