Wednesday, November 28, 2007

And time to play outside

Spending time outside is as necessary as making things for me. I kayak in my little kayak (calypso from LL Bean), which I love because I can get it on and off my car by myself. I got it in July of this year and it has since seen a lot of miles. Mainly I went to small ponds and lakes in NH and Maine. I love everything about the water- I am in it all summer long. Swimming everyday, kayaking, floating on my tube- ahh now that spells summer to me.

That is what is so great about getting Misty. She is such an active dog although she doesn’t like the water that much- but that is for another day. I am hoping this next year, to teach her to run near me while I mountain bike. She is still a little jumpy around the bike, but I warmed her up to it a little this summer.

This is my other dog Mollie. She is very old (almost 12 years old). She has a little ring around the collar here, but she is still cute. She often helps me with my quilting projects by sitting on them. Any slight bit of fabric of cushion that ends up on the floor she takes as an invitation to put her fat little rump on. The project she is actually laying on is a quilt that I feverously made for a friend of my boyfriend’s and I’s wedding. I spent many crazy evenings piecing it together and trying to shove the thing under my small machine to machine quilt it. Since then I have been hanging on to it as I did not have their address to mail it to. My boyfriend got it then lost it then got it again. So this week I hope to send it out. It is also based on the pattern in Denyse Schmidt’s book Quilts.

I think kind of blurry pictures can be fun because they show life and movement. So here is one.

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