Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Vintage finds

100_1138 This great vintage quilt is one of my most recent finds. I paid around $70 for it, but it was worth it. This Little Red Riding Hook square is darling and looks to be made from scraps of pajamas or sheets. Little Red Riding Hood is doing her usual things like seeing the Big Bad Wolf and going to Grandma’s house. I’ll post more of the squares soon. Some of the other interesting squares are football squares, valentine’s day type squares, and other great prints showcased.



I purchased these tulips squares on ebay recently. They are not that vintage, probably early 60’s. So that makes all the fabrics 60’s- some paisleys, flower power type stuff. The ones that really catch my eye are the two beach ones. One is a Mexican looking man sleeping on the beach and the other is a parrot at the beach on his post. Such unusual fabrics to go with such a traditional applique design. Now that is truly original. I want to try to pair more untraditional types fabrics together.


I semi decorated for Christmas with this small red grouping. This picture includes my thermos collection, which I almost parted with to allow more room for other things, but at the last minute decided to keep. I purchased the toy sewing machine on ebay.

The NOEL stitching piece is so fabulously retro. At first I found it slightly hideous, which is always how I you find good retro stuff. I have completely warmed to in now. The Squeaky Squirrel was the first book to my vintage children’s book collection. The Penny Puppy and other dog stories is equally lovable, even my dog and to put her paw in on it.

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