Thursday, November 29, 2007

Small Quilts and Hard to Part with Paintings

Small quilts and hand stitched pieces have always been a weakness of mine. So have baseball uniforms and dirty work clothes, but that is another story. I won’t let my guy when he is dirty nor my dogs near this little vintage piece. I scooped it up for $8 at an antique store. It is roughly crib size, with a wide range of baby blues, ambers, yellows, and prints. The careful hand stitching evident on the back of the piece is so wonderful.

I adore this yellow printed fabric that I discovered while flea marketing in Maine. The fabric is made of the softest, but strongest cotton. I want to stretch it over a large canvas and hang it so that I can admire it all the time. When I was 16 my boyfriend at the time made me a super large (6x8’) acrylic painting. It is mainly primary colors and the design is a modern abstract one. Just lines and colors filled in between intersections. Sort of nice, but not when you have been hanging on to it for 10 plus years. Mainly it is just large, akward, and doesn't go with my current decorating theme.

So I've debated for years about getting rid of it. Plus, I’m always reading about “outsider art” becoming hugely valuable. I’d hate to part with it and then find out my ex hit it big and the painting is worth like a million bucks. Also, as avid yard saler I am always picking up once loved quilts, books, and photos just thrown out by family members. See it says my name on the back and “with love.” I can’t just put that on the still good table at the dump, now can I? So maybe I will put this fantastic fabric over the front of it and protect my assests.

I made this small blue piece quilt and plan to border it with huge off white borders. What a great waste of fabric eh?

A little more Christmas spirit.

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