Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Skunk Family

Phew! I started a skunk collection and Phew! is my feature skunk. She is around four to five inches and is a Delee figurine. The other smaller ones are either unlabeled or from Japan. The whole collection started with picking up two skunk salt and pepper shakers at a thrift store. I then scored these online on ebay.

I got a big scare from a baby skunk the other night too! I was working all weekend (yuck) and I peeked out the door (we’re talking like 7-8 p.m.) to see if it had started snowing yet. I saw something out of the corner of my eye to the left of the stairs and it was a skunk. I screamed like the little girl that I am and high-tailed it back to my desk.


One of the quilts that almost killed off my quilt-sickness is this yellow and white one that I made for a friend’s wedding in August. Yikes! I still haven’t sent it. Mainly it didn’t go because I was waiting forever for my boyfriend to get me their address. Now I just have to send it on one of my lunch breaks. It is based off of, once again (I just love all her stuff), Denyse Schmidt’s book Quilts. If you have checked some of my past posts I also made a red and white version of this same quilt. This yellow one is great because it incorporates some of my fiercely loved favorite fabrics.


I tried to make the design somewhat my own by creating one block that is made out of a coin design. I also threw a few coin strips in among the other plain strips. The coin stripping method from this has inspired an entire quilt like this for my mom for Christmas.




I’ve decided to make quilt for all the little nieces and nephews (we are now at four- 2 girls and 2 boys) for Christmas. These plus my mom’s are running my quilt bug dry. I think after Christmas is over I am going to focus on sewing clothes more. I want to make several cute going out tanks and dresses. I figure making some nice dresses would be pretty lucrative since I have none and nicely made dresses are pretty expensive. I want to also focus on smaller projects like from this super great list from Sew, Mama, Sew! I adore the the Snap Box from My Little Mochi. Also I am excited to try this fun hat from Curiously Crafty. Her blog also has really cute original use of embroidery located here.

Rambling on about more of my inspirations online....I love Simply Quilts the show on HGTV with Alex Anderson. I can never watch it because I am working and yes, I am one of those crazy people without a TiVo or even, gasp! VCR. Anyway, I really can catch up with what I miss on the Simply Quilts website here. They have video clips and transcripts.

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Rachael Rabbit said...

I found the said mentioned skunks! I just love the quilt - it is totally gorgeous. I hope they loved it!