Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Have I mentioned that I love quilts? Oh, yes? I see. Well here is another favorite of mine scored for just $50 at an antique store. The Grandmother's Garden pattern tends to be a little too "cutsey" for me, but the bubblegum pink colors just caught my eye. Plus, I've always had a hard time walking away from deals that someone spents tons of time handcrafting. Can you blame me?



Kid toys are so fun to me, but with no kids of my own it may seem a bit odd at my collection. So here is how I've changed it to be my own. The vintage doll crib with mice on it stores Misty's bones and balls. Everytime she takes something out of it to play with I shout with delight "she just took her bone out" or "she grabbed her ball this time." Still haven't taught her to put stuff back though. We're working on that one.


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Sarah and Jack said...

This quilt is gorgeous. I am seriously coveting it. I have a cabinet filled with old quilts, and I have not yet managed to score a grandmother's flower garden, my favorite pattern!