Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Yo-Yo Thinking

I've been yo-yo thinking lately. mainly thinking about what I should do with them. I scored these from Plain Jane Notions a web based seller with ebay and etsy stores. I know--what kind of ninja am I if I don't even make my own yo-yo's right? Well, ahh, sigh it is Christmas and I have been making myself crazy finishing two quilts for the nieces and nephews (total 3 kids quilts) and a queen sized one for my mother. I have to admit I'm very close to getting these all finished and I'm pretty damned proud of that. So I originally bought these yo-yo's hoping that the like 150+ of them would be enough for a quilt cover. I didn't want to sew them onto a backing fabric just sew them together and have a cool topper. Anyway, I would really need like 500+ to cover a bed. So I've been holding on to them researching all the cool things I can do with them.


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