Friday, December 7, 2007

Favorite Fabrics and Fun Store


I thought I would feature some of my favorite fabrics today. All of these are either from Joanne’s or from a yard sale. I have found the brown dragonfly fabric is a great accent color to many of my monochromatic quilts. I’ve used it in the yellow quilt for our friend’s wedding and in my mom’s Christmas present quilt. I originally thought that I would like it for a back on a quilt so I bought several yards of it.


Lemons, lemons, lemons I could never have enough lemon fabric if I lived to 100! When I was in Italy I walked by an amazing fabric store with up to the ceiling full of bolts and oilcloth fabric to die for. I didn’t even let myself in. I guess I figured how would I know how much to buy and how much it was for? I could just kick myself now. In fact I think I will. Agh.


Good news! One of my favorite stores in Kennebunkport Maine finally has a website. The store is called Daytrip Society. Check it out here. There is so much fun, modern, and nature oriented stuff to be found. I particularly like these owl cards. Great books and outdoor camping stuff too.
Speaking on Maine, another favorite place to shop there is On Board Fabrics. Their website is here.

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