Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Vintage Fabric is a Girl’s Best Friend

With such little spare time until the Christmas season passes, I have been dreaming of what I want to create next. Here are some vintage fabric pieces that I scored this summer. I was thinking that I may cut the bird one up into squares and then interspace the squares with a solid square.



We’ll see. For now here is what I am hoping to cook up.

1) Sew a skirt, dress, and shirt in January. This will be my first foray into the seamstress realm.
2) Make small stuffed mushrooms and twigs (fabric that is). Like the ones I saw on Little Bird’s blog here and here.
3) Finish my mushroom and owl appliqué pillows.
4) Sew a pillow cover for my jumbo pillow that I already have fabric for.
5) For the dogs: sew Mollie a sleeping pad and Misty a dog jacket.
6) Finish or maybe just start all over Steph’s baby quilt. Maybe make some bibs and burp cloths too.
7) Sew a cover for my fabulous Hayward Wakefield chair. I should also make a cover for Adam’s nightstand.
8) Sew a full size quilt with some of the aviary fabrics that I love.
9) Learn to use the new digital camera that I am getting for Christmas.

Wow this list will keep me busy. I would love to be able to get this all done in a month. I also need to start dreaming up some Valentine’s Day decorations.

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Beth said...

I LOVE the aqua and red fabric!