Monday, December 17, 2007

Simple Lemon Quilt

Another past quilt project of mine is this little lemon number. It was super easy to make and inspired by Denyse Schmidt’s website. When I spotted this lemon fabric at Joanne’s I knew I would find many uses for it. So far it has made its way into this quilt, several small lemon drop pincushions, my mom’s lemon quilt (aka the quilt that is currently killing me slowly), our friend’s wedding quilt (yikes! Still to be mailed) and I still have a yard left.


So I have been really good about making things for Christmas and I will posting those shortly. The Christmas present I made for my boyfriend is 2/3s finished and it is great! I can’t post it till after Christmas in case he reads about it. Soft trees and candy cane colored yo-yo garland are still on my decorations list of to-do’s. I fear I won’t get a chance to do ‘em. Anyway, Adam if you are reading please see The Purlbee’s Christmas idea list and feel free to run with it. Ah, alas I am getting greedy. See my big present this year is going to be a digital SLR camera that I can not wait for. I was very into photography during college and used my dad’s old Canon SLR film camera. I even started my own little business at craft fairs, local stores, and gift shops. I can’t wait until I get the digital one though, I think I will be able to grow leaps and bounds with it.

I really liked redheadedsnipit’s little yellow flower pictured here. She tells me the idea is from Martha Stewart’s website here. I seem to remember being eight and wanting one desperately at the county fair. Can’t wait to get started on my own collection. I also want to try out some of her wreath ideas like this bottle cap one and this rag one, also featured on sewmamasew's blog. Okay, I know I am going a little link crazy here, but these ideas are so cool. Tree Fall Design's blog also has some great examples of these types of wreaths check it out.

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