Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Busy Sewing Weekend

I was very industrious this weekend. I managed to catch my second cold of the season and it really kept me inside for the whole weekend. The temperature did too--it was in the teens and single digits-yikes!

But look at all that I accomplished. I was a sewing fiend! First my owl pillow from last week has a new friend. With bumblebees for eyes.


What would a group of owls be? A flock I wonder? Anyway, I am starting a flock.


I continued to use the same technique that I learned from Fat Orange Cat's blog, but changed the shape and look of the owl.

I also made this hat that I found on Curiously Crafty's blog.



and the inside lining...


The tutorial was certainly easy and that hat was fun to make, but I am not too happy with my finished one. The brim and overall hat is a little shorter than the original because I had to finish it a messed up way. I am going to retry it again and make it a bit longer or maybe follow the directions more carefully.

Oh yes, and Misty got a new necklace that is inscribed with dog language---bark, woof, howl, etc.




CattyCat said...

Your dogs coat design is as creative as one of your quilts.

valerie said...

love the owls they are so cute and your dog looks cool in it's necklace wander if my dog would like one


Sarah and Jack said...

I love the bee eyeballs.