Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Clutch and Purse

Yeah! My first handmade clutch and purse! Actually I guess I technically made one in high school, but I've been trying to forget about it. I made it from faux cheetah fur fabric on one side and then the other side (so it was reversible) was faux cow fabric. Arg! Now doesn't that sound hideous.

The purse idea I found on right here. I had been holding on to my small stash of Heather Ross fabric, which I love so much, waiting for just the right project to showcase how fabulous they are. I can't get enough of the Heather Ross fabric by the way, bicycles, gnomes, frogs, tadpoles-- all my favorite things from childhood.


I am quite pleased with how this came out. I sewed the grid onto pieces of corduroy, then backed the 2 inch squares of fabric with flannel, then zigzagged them onto the grid. I hope to next make a lapsized quilt like this with the rest of the fabric, since I am so rough on my purses I guess that this one won't last long.


Then I made this clutch from Amy Karol's book Bend-the-Rules Sewing. I read this book constantly and love all the photos. This was actually the first thing I made from the book.




I once again used my discount corduroy and embroidered Sublime Stitching designs onto it. I then embroidered my friend's name- Ms. Shelby- as this will be a gift to her. The inside is a lightweight yellow polka-dot and the button is a large navy blue one. I give the project an A+ for being easy and the directions were excellent.


These are the things for Shelby if I ever get a chance to send them to her.



Jen said...

Really cute. I love the bicycle fabric! Is it still available? I'd love to get some.

Karyn said...

Your owls keep getting more and more creative. So cute!

Really love that first "grid" purse. I know what you mean about being really tough on your bags. I'm the same way.

bettyninja said...

Hmmm...I'm not sure if you will be able to find more of it out there. I got it from but it looks like they only have her newer fabrics. The bicycles are from her previous line called lightning bugs and other mysteries.

Anonymous said...

the bag is genius. I love the fabric too but could never think of a way to make it work...You give me great ideas...

ambika said...

I love the patchwork bag and feel silly for not having heard of Heather Ross. Too adorable.

Blabby said...

I love that purse. I've got fat quarters of that Heather Ross fabric and I've also been saving it. Every once in a while, I just hold it because it's so soft, then I put it back in my FQ box. You've inspired me...I never considered cutting the images out. I may do that with the pink RV fabric.