Thursday, January 17, 2008

Chair Covers and Other Finds

I have been travelling all over the blog world lately. There is such amazing stuff out there and it is all very inspiring. I am still on my owl kick. I stumbled across this great owl garland from Moonstitches blog. I am so trying this one out this weekend. It looks super easy.

Next I learned something new on Fluffy Flowers blog. I betcha didn’t know by all my sewing and quilting projects that I really am just figuring this stuff out for the first time. So anyway the little strawberry stuck on all your little tomato pincushions- it has a purpose. I read about it for the first time here.

Featured at Etsy today is Elly Nelly. I just love that name. One of my best friends in high school I nicknamed Nellie from Little House on the Prairie. Any-ho I love her stuff. Check it out here. She creates these really neat vinyl cutouts of nature and some abstract things. I really like the Queen Anne's lace and the bird cut outs.

Last week while I was working on my creative everyday efforts I finally pulled together a cover for this Hayward Wakefield chair. I love the fabric and made it simply like a pillow cover. I plan to make some fabric covered buttons to make it look a little snappier.



This chair has been following me around for years. I actually got it for free on the side of the road. Two gents were renovating a house and basically sold me on telling me it was Hayward Wakefield. They weren’t lying either. It is stamped underneath. So I made a cover for it a few years back with more period like fabric, but it looked pretty crappy. Mainly because I was trying to go real cheap on the foam. Well I scored some 50% off foam at Joanne’s and I am so excited to start using this chair now.


I got these great little cookie cutters at a rummage about a month ago. I don’t normally pick this type of thing up, but they are stamped Germany and are very small. I’ve started to collect small cooking things because they are so damned cute and remind me of when I used to cook with Julie Childs ( I hear now that girls like to cook with Rachel Ray, how cute is that?)



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Sandra Evertson said...

What lovely covers!
Sandra Evertson