Friday, January 25, 2008

I just couldn't keep it to myself any longer

So I happen to love vintage quilts. I can't pass up all that careful handcrafted goodness. I posted one square from this quilt before. It it one of my true favorites because although it looks like a really traditional style quilt, the fabrics within are to die for.


Get a closer look. Each square has the best color choices ever. It makes me want to search out these same colors in newer fabrics that I may be able to find and make entire quilts from these color combos. Very cute cowboy fabric here.


Simple, but lovely blues here.


Football players on of all things aqua.


Buttery yellow paired with light blues.


Striking red and black combo on light gray.


I love these colors a lot. Bright green and white check backed by what I call Martha Stewart green.



Don't forget about V-day




g said...

great find!

I wish I could be happy for people when they find cool stuff...but I just tend to be jealous;)

kathi d said...

That is a FABULOUS quilt! And an unusual pattern I think. I have been making quilts for quite a while, and my grandmas and aunties made quilts, and I have never seen that block before. What a treasure!

kathi d said...

Also, I could be wrong, but from the photos it looks like that quilt was hand-pieced. My mother's mother did a lot of her quilts by hand and they had that look, that certain pucker at the seams that looks more like hand stitching than machine stitching.

StichingSurgeon said...

love the quilt...too cute

Karyn said...

Any idea what decade this is from? I just adore all the different unique fabrics, especially the cowboys.

Great find!

Megan Rose said...

Oh, Miss Bettyninga, you are so very, very lucky! That quit pattern is completely divine and the colours are amazing. I've never made a quilt before but your blog is making me think of starting my first one. Thanks!