Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Quilt that is Killing Me

For Christmas I thought I’d make my mom a quilt. So I cut up some strips and started some blocks, creating enough for what I thought would be a lap sized quilt. Soon I learned that my mom was really hoping for a queen sized quilt and what can you do? So I started making nearly double what I had already made for blocks. Then I cut, trimmed, and sewed. Then I quilted the monster in two pieces. All that I have left is to sew the pieces together and bind (egh I hate binding things).



Here is what it looked like when I laid all the squares out.


Some more random things that I want to accomplish are:

1) Bake cupcakes (yes I am surprisingly incapable in the kitchen, but cupcakes really have been making my mouth water lately)
2) Specialize my homemade salsa recipe (try adding some fruit)
3) Hike up a mountain and then sled down it.
4) Go ice skating
5) Shrink up the wool sweaters that I have been collecting. Then maybe make a nice throw like Crispina has done.

Also, I would like to have one more origami skills in my repertoire. Currently, I make a mean leaping frog. I think I will branch out to animals that fly next. Swooping crane perhaps? Check out this interesting paper cat I found on How About Orange blog.

Oh yes, annnnnd I got my Christmas camera yesterday. So your days of viewing my awful photography are all over. Well, maybe I shouldn't promise that just yet, but I am so excited!


melissa@yummygoods said...

oooh, that quilt is lovely!

Felicia said...

Its looking fabulous :)

coquet's cache said...

nice blog. nice quilt. =) I added you to my 'cache'.

Brie said...

The quilt is so cheery. I love it!