Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Sort of Fugly

I have the hardest time with baby quilts. I just can't stand fabrics that are too cutesy. I also have a hard time with color choices that are so gender oriented, i.e. pink and blue. Any hoo, with all my friends having babies now I have been in the baby quilt predicament many times lately. So I created this quilt, based off of Denyse Schmidt's book Quilts. I wanted the yellow and brown to sort of resemble a bumblebee's colors. I'm not so sure about this though. I don't know if my friend will appreciate it since it has so much dark colors in it.


The Purl Bee has a nice post about choosing baby colors here. I really like how she pulled together a few color schemes.


It has a light green dot flannel for a soft backing.


These are some cute little skunks to add to my skunk collection. The fun mushroom ornaments are going to be my January-March stick tree ornaments.


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melissa@yummygoods said...

ooooooh, bee fabric!! I LOVE this quilt! If your friend doesn't like it, I know someone who does...