Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bicycles and Quilts

Okay are you completely sick of hearing about bicycles lately? I am on such a vintage bicycle kick lately ever since I spotted a really amazing pink bike on Alison's blog. I will not rest this summer until I can find myself some beautiful two wheeled delight.

I would love a double bike too. When I was in elementary school, sixth graders were able to ride around the building on a four person bicycle. It was my sole ambition to ride that thing. Sadly, we moved when I was in fourth grade and I never actually have ridden on even a two person bicycle.

Make mine a double

This quilt was around my second or third ever. I wanted to do something really easy so I tried a patchwork one. Turns out patchwork that is unplanned can be very difficult. I love it just the same though. This was before I had much of a fabric stash and worked solely off of what I found at yard sales. Ahh the good ol days. Besides the gauze splurge I have been pretty good about not buying too much lately.


Did you see the bicycle fabric on it? Goes with my theme. This still needs to be tied. I finished the edges by sewing it inside out and then pulling it through an opening.

Lastly, I am loving this quilt idea today from Bling's blog.

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g said...

I bought that same blue floral fabric for a shirt my mom made for me...actually it was more of a smock & I never wore it because while it would look very cute on a skinny girl on me it just didn't work. Oh - and even my mom said I looked pregnant...at least I have cute scraps left over to use on something else!