Monday, February 25, 2008

It's good to be back

It really is good to be back. I really enjoy blogging. It helps keep my creativity flowing. You may remember my love affair with these quilts from my flickr friend. Well, I searched everywhere for gauze fabric and finally ended up ordering these great blue colors from Denver Fabrics. It was on sale for around $4 a yard. Not steep by any means, but the gauze quilt needed to be several layers of gauze since it is such thin material. Sorry these shots aren't really my best.



This gauze quilt is four layers with a layer of flannel in between. It is throw sized and used around 7 yards of fabric. I had also purchased a green color in case I wanted to do different colors. Anyway, I feel quite guilty since all that gauze added up with shipping and everything to be $54. Yikes! I've been trying to be so good since vacation is just a month away. The real kicker is I just saw that Jo-anne's has gauze regular price at $5.99. With a coupon it will be a steal.


I think I am done making gauze quilts for the moment though. For one, it's pricey and for another reason it is really damn difficult to quilt. I mean you really can't quilt it. I used a sharp #9 needle and just did some edge stitching to keep the whole thing together. I didn't have the recommended darning foot and instead used my presser foot. I actually had to hand applique the circles on. I never, ever hand stitch things. You can kind of tell.

In the end I do like my final gauze quilt. It is like soft cloud to wrap up in. I also like the contrasting back.

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Karyn said...

This is really pretty! I can see where gauze would be very difficult to work with, but I bet it was worth it.

Can we see photos of the contrasting back?

What do you do with all your quilts? Do you have them displayed somewhere? Folded on a shelf? Do you give them as gifts?