Monday, February 25, 2008

A little bit about my weekend too

Okay, this post is going to be all over the place for subject matter, but stay with me because I just have so much to share.

We had a great weekend. I have been feeling sooooo much better. Thanks for all the well wishers by the way. Who would have thought when I got into blogging that we all actually care about each other? It is a really wonderful thing I tell ya.

Anywho, we went to Freeport Maine on Sunday. We really love making the trip there since we are there so frequently in the summer time. Almost all the stores allow you to bring your dog in (except LL Bean, go figure). I bought practically a whole new wardrobe at Horny Toad, my all time favorite clothing brand. It is really clothes made for being active and having fun. They were having a sample sale where everything was $9.99. Guess what? Apparently for once my size is the sample size. It was as if everything was made for me.


Brrrr. It was so cold.


But strangely, Misty was hot.


Check out this snow sculpture.


We also talked a lot about our pending vacation and the excitement is really kicking in for us. We hope to do a lot of camping in Northern California and get to see a lot of San Fran.

My Built by Wendy skirt is that much closer to being done. I sewed the zipper in on Friday and also sewed the darts. My darts are slightly askew and my zipper is in and that is what matters right? Well, the zipper instructions were really quite good, it was my first one ever though. I wish I had sewed a larger seam allowance on the top part of the zipper because I wasn’t quite able to sew down the seams since they were small. It is hard to explain. It is made from a super soft denim fabric that I got at a yard sale over the summer. I plan to do some sort of cute embroidery patch in one of the corners to jazz it up. Coming soon…


Bec said...

Glad you're feeling better! I'm hopping from one foot to the other waiting to see your skirt :P

Bec said...

Um, ok I'm feeling like a bit of a stalker now, but I was just popping in to ask if you would like to do the 7 random things meme? I tagged you on my site. Cheers, Bec.

StichingSurgeon said...

Glad you are feeling better and enjoyed your weekend trip to Freeport (I heart Maine!!). Can't wait to see the skirt too!

bettyninja said...

Sure Bec, I love writing lists. See my post for today.