Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Seven Things

Bec from Small Stuff blog tagged me with seven random things. So my seven things are:

  1. I have had many different jobs. It isn’t that I don’t stay at them long; it is more that I have always worked. I started working when I was 11 and have always had a job since then. Often I’ve had two jobs so they add up fast. Here is a very uncomprehensive list of past jobs: lifeguard, dog watcher, nanny, photographer assistant, clothing stylist, secretary, customer service, blah, blah, blah.
  2. My favorite past time is not sewing (a close second really). It is mountain biking.
  3. I prefer beer to mixed drinks. My current favorite is Sam Adams White Ale. Although Gritty beers from Maine are right up there too.
  4. I have way too much energy as you probably have guessed from all my projects. I literally don’t stop doing things from the moment I get up until I go back to sleep. In contrast my boyfriend is very low energy and laid back. Sometimes he manages to get me to sit still for a little while with him. Mainly when I am sick though.
  5. I would love to find a free vintage sunfish sailboat with a trailer. I’d also love to score some great vintage bikes at yard sales this year. Keep your fingers crossed for me.
  6. I like really cheesy television shows. Kyle XY and Ghost Whisperer are my favorites.
  7. I'm a fast runner. Sprinter really.

I think I will tag anyone that reads this and would like to join in. So if you haven’t done a seven things yet, or you have are dying to share seven more things- please do.

1 comment:

Bec said...

Wow, you were quick!! My husband is also a mad keen mountain biker (some might say obsessive :P). We keep talking about getting a bike for me so we can go on family rides (just fire trails, not mountain biking) and he keeps pointing out all these cool modern bikes, and I keep saying "but I want an old one..with a basket..and a bell..and a flappy bit at the back to sit stuff on..."

I also prefer beer. Actually, I used to hate beer, but in the last five years or so it has become my favourite alcoholic drink. Currently loving Little Creatures Pale Ale at the moment!

Good luck on finding the boat, trailer and bikes!!!