Monday, February 4, 2008

Tissue Paper Cherry Blossoms

It turns out that making a tutorial is a little harder than I thought. I still have my first one ever coming your way for the picnic pleated purse soon- it just might have to be later this week.

I did a little of everything this weekend, but still felt like I could have done more. I really packed it in too! We did some grocery shopping, hiking, movie watching and I did a little sewing, embroidery, hiking, studying, and squeezing my dog.

There is a great blog out there called Whilst She Naps. I decided I may just have to add the line to mine- While my boyfriend naps. He naps everyday. I think I may have to start a photo project about it. A photo of him napping juxtaposing a photo of something I made. Called what he did and what she did.

What He Did


What I did


A little work on my Chinese lanterns quilt. Almost completed the top.

I also made these tissue paper cherry blossoms for my branch. The idea is from Martha Stewart.


Brace yourself for too many photos of the same thing. I can't help it. I just couldn't choose.



This branch has really been sticking around. I dressed it up for Christmas and gnome like for the in between season.

I literally bought almost ten rolls of colored tissue paper and vellum from Michael's the other weekend. I bought it because it was beautiful and it was on sale. Not very good reasons. The cherry blossoms only took one sheet. I'm really in trouble now. I'll have to just use it to wrap presents.




Karyn said...

And I notice he's quite cozy under one of your quilts, too! What a great photo series. Please do make that a regular item!

The lantern quilt is really coming together beautifully. I can't wait to see the finished product. I'm always so impressed with your quilts.

bettyninja said...

Thanks Karyn! He is cozy under one of my quilts. I keep trying to take photos of him napping, but he tends to sleep lightly and wake up as I am focusing on him. He was old cold here. hehe

bettyninja said...

darn that spell check. I meant out cold here. ahh not so funny when I have to retype.

Jen said...

Those cherry blossoms are so pretty!

And for the Sew, Mama, Sew quilt along...I'm only doing one block a week. I love that it's getting me to try new things. But I have to start on that big quilt for my husband...he's getting impatient. (Never would have thought he would care about a quilt.)

I'll see if the blocks that they present work together and maybe make a small something out of them in the end.

Karin said...

That lantern quilt is really something! I love the series of photographs of the blossoms, they are beautiful. So spring-like, that color is gorgeous.

kathi d said...

The cherry blossoms are amazing! And beautiful!

Almost every napper I know is a man. Hardly ever do I find a female napper. I would love a nap, but I just can't make my brain stop long enough usually!

Sarah and Jack said...

The lantern quilt is awesome.

Blabby said...

I love the cherry blossoms. I saw on one of Martha's shows that one of her wedding editors made all of her own tissue paper flowers for her wedding. It took her a whole year. Crazy! But that's an idea for all that paper you bought :) ha ha