Monday, February 11, 2008

Two quick things

One is I went to Jo-anne's on my lunch break. It was such a rush after having not been there for- gasp- a week and a half. It was almost like the best sugar rush I have ever had.

Also, Karyn from Fat Orange Cat nominated my picnic pleated purse tutorial over at Craft Zine. I am so thrilled and happy to have such great blog friends. Thanks Karyn!


Jen said...

Congratulations on the addition to I just saw it on that blog myself and wanted to come over here to be sure you knew!

kathi d said...

Omigosh, I just saw you on Craftzine, and I was coming here to make sure you knew! Congratulations, that is so cool!!!

g said...

Congratulations! Pretty soon there will be a shortage of tableclothes because everyone will be using them to make your purse!