Monday, March 24, 2008


I finally finished this Denyse Schmidt's What a Bunch of Squares quilt. I've named it Beastie as it has tortured me continuously through the making process.


Blood was drawn, swears were uttered, cats and dogs were constantly being asked to get off of it and in the end after I put it away for a couple days, I was happy with it.



I love quilting, but really it is the sewing the pieces together that I love. I am sure I could learn to love the actual quilting and binding process if I just had some more darned space and a machine that could take a full sized quilt with out constantly breaking needles.



A great post here from Small Life blog on why she likes long arm machine quilting. I am already on board for trying it.



The top right hand square in the above photo is an example of a scrap block. I barely had enough fabric to make this quilt full sized. Also, I love having at least one section on a quilt be totally improvised.

The quilt is actually a double sided quilt. The other side was an idea from Bling on my Sewing Machine Blog.



Actually this side makes the whole thing a very fun four way quilt. See the quilt is actually a square- so it can be on a bed in at least 4 (really 8) different directions. I originally made the strippy side to be with vertical lines, but I realized that I could put it horizontally too.



Meg said...

amazing. both sides. I am totally using your pictures as frefernce when I put mine together (it is the one on tap after the "any way you slice it"). I am really curious about long arm quilting as well. There is a shop about 30 mins from my house that has it, so I might check it out for the squares quilt.

Sarah and Jack said...

It is gorgeous, even if it was a beast!

Karyn said...

You should be very proud of yourself -- this is GORGEOUS! I LOVE how the stripes on the back (or front!) vary in length, with some of them not quite reaching the bottom (or top!).

Truly stunning and hopefully worth all the blood-shed and broken needles.

Jacquie said...

I just love this. And the back...what a nice surprise and so versatile. I am with you on the quilt wrestling. Soooo hard to do a large quilt like this. You tamed the beast!

kelly said...

I love that it's double sided and I'm so impressed that you quilted it yourself! I can't stand quilting, partially because I'm terrible at it and I feel like I have "ruined" the quilt when I am done. (I pay someone else to do it.)

Awesome work!

Jodi Renshaw said...

I am so impressed with your quilt making. Excellent work! Love, Jodi

molly said...

I love the back!! What excellent orange-y-ness.

apple cyder said...

Great quilt--love the back. I started to machine quilt a queen sized quilt 4 years ago, but couldn't handle all that pulling. I think I need to start work on it again, but this time I will hand quilt.

Jilly said...

Nicely done! I love the mix of fabrics on the front. Great colours and prints.

kathi d said...

That is a beautiful quilt!

And as for loving the quilting as much as the piecing, I wouldn't count on it. I have the room and the machine, and I still would rather do the piecing and send my quilts out for quilting.

Karin said...

Stunning quilt! I love the colors. The back looks beautiful, too! I'm going to have to try that sometime. I love the idea of a reversible quilt!

Jen said...

Looks great.

I totally prefer the piecing (the designing before that even) to the quilting. The only reason I want to get a new machine is so I can more easily quilt large projects with it.

StichingSurgeon said... is so pretty front & back!
great job!

g said...

This is just amazing...I'm totally in awe, its just so beautiful front & back - you are my quilting idol!

Bec said...

Oh Wow!!!!! This is a sensational quilt. So So SO worth the blood, swearing and needle-breaking. Stunning job :)

susan said...

i love that you spent the time and made it a double sided quilt, both sides are lovely. and your fabric selection is so yummy

Jennifer said...

So beautiful! I wish I had the time and patience to do something like tha!

Rebekah said...

WOW! this is absolutely gorgeous! I love that you were able to use scrap fabric and improvise on this. It turned out so nice! Seriously,t his thing is awesome! and double sided to boot...amazing!

Blabby said...

i LOVE it! Great work! And I am totally with you on the loving the piecing, hating the quilting. I have three sandwiched, basted quilts ready to go, and I just don't want to quilt them. I also hate the idea of paying a longarm quilter, because then I didn't make the whole thing (my personal hang up). Even though I love the way longarmed quilts come out. It's really a dilemma.

Alison said...

I LOVE the brown fabric with the white feathers and the flowers...that is soooo cute! Where'd you get it?!?!