Monday, March 3, 2008

Do I ever stop?

I did actually sew this weekend. I finished the white borders around the DS quilt blocks that I made. This whole quilt is really using up fabric, which is great. The blocks used all the fabric I had in the pack and the white is from 2.5 yards that I bought for something like this. When I first unfurled it I thought I didn't have enough. But, I made do with what I had.


The back is actually going to be another simpler quilt. I hope to start that this week and then quilt it possibly over the weekend. This will be the third quilt waiting to be quilted.


Wow, I have been a sewing and posting machine lately. I thought I would tell you a little bit about how much I sew and how long things take me. In case you were curious.

I love to sew, as you can tell. I have been sewing for around 1.5-2 years. I mean, I sewed a few random things as a teenager, but nothing very well made. Denyse Schmidt's book Quilts really turned me onto to quilting and helped me develop a more modern style.

It didn't hurt that Adam and I really needed some quilts as we were living is some very poorly insulated old apartments at the time.

My quilting definitely comes in spurts. I tend to be mad to finish a quilt and then I need a little break. My first several quilts took a few months each to create. Now that I have done a bit of practicing and picked up little how to tips along the way can complete a quilt in around 3-4 weeks (full sized generally). Of course how long it takes to make depends on the pattern which I am creating. The more pieced and intensive the pattern is the longer is takes. I work full time so I have to steal what ever time comes my way to sew.

Now days, I generally sew for 45 minutes in the morning before I go to work a few days a week. I also can normally get around one hour in a few nights a week after work. I like to sew in the mornings best believe it or not.

Some weekends I'll get 2-3 hours of sewing in and some weekends I don't really get to sew at all.

I have been known to sew for fifteen minutes if that is all the time I have. I don't really watch TV either, so that actually frees up a lot of time.


Karyn said...

FABULOUS! This looks so good with the white. Nice job.

You sew in the mornings before work? I give you a lot of credit for that. I do my sewing in the evenings and on weekends. Like you, I'll fit 15 minutes in here and there if necessary, but I really prefer to have an uninterrupted hour or two to get a lot done on a project.

Great post. I like hearing about how other crafters do their thing. I may do a similar post.

Jen said...

This one turned out really nice.

I like my bed too much to get up early in the morning to sew. And then I am lazy at night. But I have hand piecing on the couch...usually with the TV night.

I try to block out some time over the weekends to sew. But now that I've joined Anina's Dear Jane group, I may need to work in 15 minute increments or after work just to get everything completed.

Jen (sewandsox)

Zarah said...

I love how this quilt is turning out! Thanks for writing a little bit about how much time you sew. I always wonder about that when I read other people's craft blogs.

Elizabeth said...

I'm really impressed that you're able to sew in the morning! Your latest quilt is beautiful too!

StichingSurgeon said...

lovely. sewing before! girly you are motivated! i cannot wake up any earlier than i have to (5am) or i might as well not go to bed...hehe

kathi d said...

Oh, it looks FABulous!

Bec said...

This quilt is amazing. I am in the middle of trying my first ever quilt. It's quite fun, but I have made some mistakes already...oh well, it's the best way to learn isn't it!

I'm very impressed that you sew in the main sewing time is the middle of the day when at least one of my kids is sleeping...mornings are just too manic around here :P

g said...

Hearing about your process is really interesting - thanks for sharing!

I wish I had half your energy...

abcgirl said...

love this quilt! i'm a big fan of denyse schmidt too and love that her pieces are all done in mostly solids with only a sprinkling of prints.... but i have to say that this quilt may open my mind to using more prints. i can't tell why i like it so much--maybe the white borders? maybe the fact that the prints are all really bold colors? either way, it looks great!